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Questions We Are Asked on a Regular Basis

If you have finally come to the logical conclusion that you need help with the cleaning, and are looking for reliable and affordable residential cleaning services, make sure that MQ Cleaning LLC are the first people that you call. If you want answers on why you should hire our services, they are all contained in this frequently asked questions post below.

What makes your services the one I should choose?

Could it be the 22 years of industry hands-on experience, as our company was founded in the year 2000? Or could it be the quality cleaning supplies and equipment that we use? Either way, there are numerous reasons why our service is the one to choose. We can provide a one time cleaning service, scheduled ones, whatever that you need we can offer it. Our reputation for integrity, reliability, and honesty now precedes us, making us one of the leading cleaning providers in the North Plainfield, NJ area.

Do you take checks?

We do, or, if you would rather pay us via Venmo or by cash, those too are acceptable.

Do you only work in the North Plainfield, NJ area?

We cover Middlesex, NJ; and all the surrounding areas. To find out if your area comes underneath our jurisdiction, give us a call today.

Would you be happy to use the cleaning products I supply?

Of course, you being the client, it is your prerogative to choose what you want to be used on your property. But, we would appreciate a heads up beforehand so we know what to bring with us, and what to leave in our vehicle.

Do you deal with commercial clients or just residential ones?

Both. Truth be told, cleaning is all the same to us no matter where it is.

Free estimates, are they offered?

Of course, they are, as to how else can our potential customers find out how good our prices are unless they can first compare them with others in the area.

Are you licensed, insured, or certified?

Yes, we have them all. Because of the work that we do, our clients are looking for assurances that their properties are in good hands, hence all the aforementioned. However, these documents are also in place for our crew should anything unforeseen occur.

Discount, do you offer them?

Yes, however, only to successful referrals, and the percentage varies.

List of services, what are they?

Please read the following:

  • Home Cleaning;

  • Building Cleaning;

  • Office Cleaning;

  • School Cleaning;

  • Apartment Complex Cleaning;

  • Commercial Cleaning;

  • Move-In Cleaning;

  • Move-Out Cleaning;

  • Post Construction Cleaning;

  • Floor Stripping and Waxing;

  • Carpet Shampooing;

  • Window Cleaning;

Information on these is available.

What are the working hours of MQ Cleaning LLC?

We work whenever our services are needed, meaning we are available 24/7. This was originally targeted to our commercial and industrial clients, but the point is, in fact, anyone can take advantage of them.

If you are totally satisfied with the answers that you received from this frequently asked questions post and would like to make an appointment with our cleaning service, please do not hesitate to call us today at this number (908) 650-6925 anytime.

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